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Episode 6 4 Summer Décor Themes + Design Books

Holly will share 4 common themes about interior styles and will relate these to inspiring books.

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Episode 6: 4 Summer Décor Themes + Design Books

In this podcast, Holly will share 4 common (and very inspiring!) themes that she has spotted for summer 2020 interiors: Mediterranean-inspired, Pure + Simple, the Plant trend, and how to create a “Travel Home”. She will discuss each in-depth and pair them with one amazing new book per theme. The books are: Travel Home by American blogger Caitlin Flemming and her mother Julie Goebel, The New Mediterranean by the editors at Gestalten, Plant Tribe by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graff, and Pure and Simple by German author Marion Hellweg. In this podcast, Holly will also refer to Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford, MILK magazine, and her work in Paris with Photographer Oliver Fritze. She will also discuss the homes of Olivia Thebaut in France, Caroline Feiffer in Copenhagen, and the Schoolhouse loft in New York City along with interior stylist Ezz Wilson from Portland Oregon.

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