Episode 4 Holly meets Stefan Nilsson

Stefan Nilsson on how he became one of the leading trend hunters in Europe.

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Holly meets Stefan Nilsson

Stefan Nilsson, most commonly referred to as “trend stefan”, is Sweden’s best-known trend hunter and regularly contributes to TV, radio and magazines. Married to his partner Peter and living in Stockholm, he travels the world in search of interiors trends from China to Brazil, Poland to France and so generously documents his finds online at trendstefan.se since 2006, along with his Instagram account which he started recently. Stefan is sought-after by major fairs and agencies to lecture on trends all over the world, his most recent two being in Brazil and Malmo. His lectures are my personal favorite, I could listen to his speak for hours because he’s witty, knowledgeable and full of energy on all of the many topics that he covers. Stefan has a YouTube channel and also presents his trends on television and radio in Sweden. His popularity in Europe has grown significantly over the years; in fact, he is the only trend hunter in Europe who attends so many fairs and offers full coverage of them all through his social channels, and he’s the only person that brands instantly recognize as being “the” trend hunter in Europe - his bright red hair and warm smile are hard to miss as he scours fairs and design events to see what’s the latest and to predict what’s next. In addition to hunting for trends, Stefan also designs products for brands – his most recently being a playful, decorative Christmas collection for Cult Design Sweden.

In this podcast, Stefan speaks about how he got started, trends he sees at the moment, how he feels that soon no one will be shopping anymore (and why), what he looks for at fairs, how he goes about finding trends, and so much more. This podcast is fantastic for anyone who wants to better understand how a trend hunter works and what are some things you can expect to see in the months ahead in the world of interiors.

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