Episode 2 Holly meets Gudy Herder

Gudy Herder on trends, why they matter, and what’s ahead for interiors in 2020.

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Holly meets Gudy Herder

Why do we follow trends? Are there more to trends than we imagine? What about the psychology behind them? What are some current trends in interior design and what’s coming in 2020?
I’m so happy to introduce you to my friend Gudy Herder on episode 2 of HELLO HOLLY. Gudy Herder is a German-born international trend consultant, keynote speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain for the past
30 years. She helps brands and businesses anticipate trends and teaches them how to create products that tell a story, inspire consumers and that are profitable. Gudy is also a blogger, which is how I met her nearly a decade ago online.
You will walk away from this episode with a better understanding of trends and also feel more knowledgeable about what’s coming in the months ahead. If you like this podcast, please rate it and leave a review! AND if you think your friends or colleagues should listen too, please share it on your Instagram and tag us at @hollymagazin and #hollymag so we can reshare the love! Thank you so much and enjoy the episode 2 of HELLO HOLLY!

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